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Come see what a difference we can make for you!

Pilates is not just for exercising, it has great therapeutic value as well. We find that we are able to help a lot of people who suffer from chronic pain in the back, hips, shoulders, etc. Its also a great place to begin for those who are wanting to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, and are not sure a big corporate gym is the right place to start. Pilates helps you build core stability, strength and flexibility in a way that is appropriate for anybody no matter your age or current level of fitness. That allows us to properly introduce you into a more demanding training program when your body is ready. From there, we can make you as fit as you want to be!

We offer coaching for running, triathlon and strength and conditioning for all levels of athletes. We have produced fantastic results over the years helping people finish their first marathon or triathlon, to building collegiate level athletes and world championship qualifiers.

Runners! We have some special offers on coaching right now for personalized programs through Team RunRun, email us from the contact page for details. 

​We are also running club cross-country. Yes, adults we can still run XC! Contact us to join the team!

​Our address is 32901 1st Ave S STE J in Federal Way, WA. Click the "contact" tab at the top of the page for map and contact info.

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Core and stability work that helps build postural strength, alignment and flexibility. We offer several different types of classes, and private sessions.​


​We have helped so many people over the years with many different types of injuries, chronic pain, etc. Here you can find some of the stories of our clients and what Pilates has done for them.


For athletes and everyday people, the "Performance" part of our studio offers coaching for running and triathlon, sport specific training, and strength and conditioning for everyone.​

Your body is one of the greatest gifts you have been given, our mission is to teach you how to treat it well and enjoy it to its fullest potential. 

We offer Pilates private sessions and classes, coaching for running and triathlon, and strength and fitness training for all levels and abilities in Federal Way, WA.

Welcome to our studio.

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