About Us

Our main goal at Studio 1 is simple, we want to teach you how to be healthy, strong and fit. We realize that this can mean different things for different people. For some that can mean 30-60 minutes of exercise 5 days a week to keep in shape and maintain a healthy body. For others that can be 12-18 hours a week to prepare for a triathlon. We have something for everyone whether that be coaching and supplemental strength training for athletes, or rehabilitory work for people coming off injuries with Pilates. We have decades of experience, and a wide range of capabilities developed over years of teaching, coaching and training people of all ages.

Crystal McCabe

Neuromuscular Rehibilitation with the Pilates Method

BASI Pilates Method

BFA Dance

Crystal has been teaching Pilates since 1999 and holds several certifications within the Pilates Method including advanced training in pelvic and shoulder stability. She has a vast and unique understanding of the body, and has become a wonderful master teacher and movement specialist. Over the years she has gained an invaluable amount of experience working in several different settings from gyms to physical therapy clinics. She has also taken that experience and developed an outstanding Pilates Instructor training program as well. In addition to Pilates, Crystal holds a BFA in Dance from the University of Texas at Austin. She has previously held certifications as an AFFA certified personal fitness trainer and group class instructor, and currently holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and skill to this studio. Her ability to help people correct their posture, build a solid foundation of core strength and flexibility, understand their bodies and improve their overall movement patterns is truly special. She is a true believer in living a well rounded, healthy lifestyle, and as a mother of three young girls, she is very aware of the challenges her clients face when trying to find time for exercise. Her ability to hold her clients accountable through encouragement and positive reinforcement is one of her great qualities. Crystal's immense skill and knowledge coupled with her genuine compassion and desire to help others makes her one of the best Pilates instructors you will find anywhere. 

Frank Fisher

Neuromuscular Rehibilitation with the Pilates Method

Coach: Running/Triathlon

Frank is a life long athlete and coach. He began competing in cycling (road and mountain) at the age of 11, then running in high school, and eventually morphed into a triathlete after college. In 2005 he began his work in strength and conditioning through a year long instruction/internship program at the University of Texas at Austin. He became an ACE certified personal trainer shortly afterwards, and quickly moved into coaching runners and triathletes for a living. Frank also began volunteering as a coach with the South Austin Steel youth track club around that time, and found a whole new passion working with kids. Upon moving to Washington in 2011 Frank became a certified coach for USA Track and Field and USA Triathlon.  He also founded The Speed Factory youth track club, and spent years coaching high school cross-country and track & field as both and assistant and head coach. In 2012 Frank began his Pilates teaching journey first getting mat certified and continued on with a full certification and continues to learn and grow in that field. Frank's background in science and engineering combined with his years of experience and education has given him a unique and effective understanding of biomechanics, physiology as it applies to training athletes, and athlete development. He also has a lifetime of competing at a high level in cycling, running and triathlon to draw on having routinely placed/won multiple races and qualifying for USAT National Championships (also a USAT all-american). Frank has also completed several ultra distance running races in the big mountains of the Pacific Northwest. His ability to teach not only the physical aspects, but the mental aspects of sport to his athletes has given him great success as a coach with many of his athletes seeing great improvement, and several young athletes moving on to compete in college