Getting Started

We like to meet and get to know everyone that comes into our studio. This helps us ensure that you are getting what you need, and that we are providing the best possible service for you. Below is the basic process to get started.

  • First, click the "contact" button and schedule a free consult with us. Consults last 20-30 minutes. 
  • Next, purchase an intro package.
  • After you use your initial intro package you can choose from one of our memberships or points packages.

Memberships and Points Packages

We base our classes and private sessions on a points system. Each class or private session is assigned a certain amount of points, which can be found under the class descriptions in the Pilates and Performance pages. For example mat class is 1 point, TRX class is 2 points, private sessions are 5 points, so if you buy 10 points you can do one private session (5pts), 2 TRX classes (2+2=4pts) and a mat class (1pt)...5+4+1=10pts. The larger the points package, the bigger the discount. Memberships are based on points also, but in levels (described below). Points do not apply to coaching fees.

Intro Package 

  • Cost is $180=15 points. 
  • Before you can enter Pilates Reformer and Circuit classes you must do an Intro package (same cost, $180) of 3 private sessions. The reason we do this is that there is a lot to learn when you begin Pilates, and most people need some individual attention and time to learn how to do things correctly and the terminology we use. This increases the level of comfort and confidence when you do begin taking regular classes.
  • If you are already experienced with Pilates, we ask that you still start with at least one private session if you are new to our studio so that we can assess what will work best for you. You can than use the remaining points in your intro package to try other classes.
  • Intro Package does not apply to coaching.

Points Packages

Points packages allow you to have some flexibility on how you spend your money in our studio. These packages work best for people who travel often, or want to have some flexibility with the different types of sessions and classes we offer. All points packages are good for up to 3 months from date of purchase. *Prices below include tax.

  • 1pt=$18
  • 4pts=$66
  • 12pts=$184
  • 20pts=$307
  • 40pts=$526


Our memberships are designed for people who commit to coming into the studio on a regular basis, and offer the most cost efficient options we have available. The membership fee is charged monthly, and we do ask for a 3 month commitment to begin our membership packages. There are no make-up classes or roll over, and clients may cancel at any time with at least a 10 day notice prior to the next monthly charge.  

  • Level 1=$118, includes 1 point classes.
  • Level 2=$208, includes 1 and 2 point classes.
  • Level 3=$268, includes 1, 2 and 3 point classes.