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Your body is one of the greatest gifts you have been given, our mission is to teach you how to treat it well and enjoy it to its fullest potential. 

We offer Pilates private sessions and classes, coaching for running and triathlon, and strength and fitness training for all levels and abilities.

Pilates with a Purpose

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Come see what Pilates can do for you!

After many years in Washington, Studio 1 Pilates and Performance has moved and we are now based in Buda, Texas. We plan on continuing to provide the same great level of training no matter where you are. Frank and Crystal have been in their respective games for over 20 years each. Crystal's dance and movement background, combined with Frank's coaching and athletic background has made for a great collaboration with the Pilates method. Both have worked in clinical settings (chiropractic and physical therapy) and are familiar with common injuries and issues that many people deal with on a regular basis. Our decades of experience and unique backgrounds have allowed us to develop a fantastic training method that has helped hundreds of people over the years. We can now provide our services no matter where you are with our live streaming classes and online private sessions. For those local to us we are also available for in person private sessions, workshops and more. Follow us on our various social media platforms for updates (links below).  

What does "Pilates with a purpose" mean? It's simple, we are firm believers in the Pilates method and have seen it's benefits with countless clients over many years. We strongly believe that when you practice Pilates with intent and purpose it will do wonders for your body! You will get stronger, more mobile, balanced and stable. You will see your posture improve and find the great therapeutic value it possesses as well. We find that we are able to help a lot of people who suffer from chronic pain in the back, hips, shoulders, etc. Its also a great place to begin for those who are wanting to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, and are not sure a big corporate gym is the right place to start. Pilates helps you build core stability, strength and flexibility in a way that is appropriate for any body no matter your age or current level of fitness. That allows us to properly introduce you into a more demanding training program when your body is ready. For athletes, we have developed a unique and well rounded training program that helps reduce injury, increases performance and will bring you to another level of athleticism. Click on the tabs above to see more specifics on what we offer. 

How we work

We like to start all of our clients with an introductory package and some private sessions. This allows us to get to know you and your body, and to make sure we are a good fit for you and what you need. During your first few sessions we will assess your body's strengths and limitations, as well as teach you the basics of Pilates and how we operate so that you feel comfortable moving forward whether it be with more private sessions and/or classes. We will also begin to put together a plan that addresses your needs and puts you on a path in line with your goals that works with your budget. For most of our clients we prescribe some mix of private sessions and classes. If you are someone who is having chronic pain, or maybe coming off of a major injury or surgery (post physical therapy) we like to work one on one with you until we get you in better place and can bridge the gap back to normal activity. For our runners and other athletes, our private sessions allow us to work on specifics like increasing mobility, developing greater stability and power output, and/or active recovery sessions that will have your body feeling good as new. We do offer classes and sessions for our "silver sneakers" crowd (people over 60) that need help with quality of life movement and general strengthening. If you're ready to get started you can click on the "get started" tab above. 

Performance Edge

For the athletes out there we offer top notch coaching and program design that will make you fitter, faster and stronger. Coach Frank works with a variety of athletes from runners and triathletes, to sprinters and hurdlers, and ball sports athletes (soccer, football, baseball, etc.). Over the years we have pumped out multiple state champions and podium finishers in cross-country, sprints, hurdles and horizontal jumps, national and worlds team qualifiers in triathlon, Western States 100 qualifiers, and countless collegiate athletes in multiple sports. Frank has helped dozens of athletes accomplish their first 5k's, marathons and ultra distance running events by providing scientifically sound, creative and fun training. He will not only help with good structured training, but also developing the mental strategies and lifestyle changes needed to accomplish your goals.