Youth Training

Updates will be coming soon on changes being made to our youth training programs. We are still doing what we do on the track and out on the roads and trails. Training is ongoing, and for those interested in our club program go to the contact us page. Here is what we offer in the studio:

Studio 1 High School Athlete Package

  • $75/month
  • Includes mat, barre, and TRX classes.
  • Great training that helps develop the complete athlete.
  • It will help your athlete develop stronger core, functional power and resistance to injury.


Studio 1 Performance is the athlete focused side of what we do. Our primary area of specialty is athlete development. We look at what your physical potential is and develop a plan of how to get you to peak fitness for your sport. Over the course of the last several years we have helped produce dozens of collegiate athletes in track and field, football, soccer, cross-country, rowing, etc. You do not have to be elite to get elite level training, and the results of our programs speak for themselves.  

Strength and Conditioning

At Studio 1 we aim to build you from the inside out. What that means is you must have a solid foundation of stability in order to develop proper function and power. Big muscles in your arms and legs don't mean much if your frame can not support the power they produce, it's like having a race car with a chassis made out of rubber. We will turn that frame into steel so that the horsepower you put out efficiently drives your momentum. Years of experience coaching, training and competing have helped us develop a unique method of strength and conditioning that has proven beneficial to all types of people from high level athlete to beginners simply trying to get in shape.  

TRX classes and Strength and Conditioning Sessions

  • TRX classes are open to all of our clients. They are full body circuit style workouts that last 50 minutes. The focus varies from more cardio some days to more strength on others, we change it up often to keep it spicy!
  • ​S&C sessions are athlete specific and offered periodically throughout the year depending on the training blocks we are currently in. Sessions last from 50-90 minutes. Athletes are grouped according to ability and sport specific type of training...Sprinters and speed athletes will be grouped together, middle distance runners and soccer players, etc. Contact us for available training sessions. 
  • Cost=2pts for group session. Included in our high school athlete training program ($75/month)
  • Fits up to 3 people.

Private Session

  • One on one training for those looking for a little more specific work.  
  • Cost=5pts
  • 50 minutes


With over a decade of experience, Coach Frank has been dedicated to providing top quality hands on coaching for runners and triathletes for a long time now. He is a true believer in the idea that every athlete needs not only a good coach, but the right coach. Along with superior technical knowledge, a coach's ability to communicate with his/her athletes is key. Every athlete is unique and has specific needs that are vital to development and achieving one's goals. You will find Coach Frank has an expert ability not only to identify strengths and weaknesses, but exceptional skill and technique for progressing athletes to their highest potential no matter the distance or event. For runners we offer coaching for road, track and trail from 5k to Ultra-marathons.     


We have partnered with Team RunRun based out of Seattle to grow our reach with adult athletes in this growing community of runners in the Pacific Northwest. Coach Frank offers three different packages of run specific coaching to choose from. You can see Coach Frank's profile and coaching packages by clicking the link for Team RunRun.


Triathletes, coaching packages start at $175/month for adults, $125/month for youth athletes. Coach Frank has private sessions available for swimming as well. Click on the contact us tab at the top of the page for more info.