Coaching for Youth

Runners, sprinters, jumpers; welcome to one of the top programs in the state! Training is ongoing throughout the year, though Coach Frank only offers limited services during the high school cross-country and track seasons. We have full summer and winter training programs that include S&C, track workouts, training plans, and competition. In the studio we offer strength development, core work and resistance training. The program design is based on the needs of the athlete and their long term development. We don't just train your athlete, we teach them so that they carry these lessons with them throughout their lives. Our programs are a mix of Pilates, TRX, and traditional resistance training building up to olympic lifts and complex training. For us, it's not about flash or trendy workouts to post on social media. We master the basics and move on from there giving athletes the right work at the right times.

We also work well with injured athletes, and have a knack for diagnosing movement patterns and deficiencies that lead to chronic injuries. Training packages start at $75/month. 

Triathletes. For many young athletes triathlon is not on their radar. We do all we can to get kids involved in the sport. This is mainly a summer program, and can be a great change of pace for your cross-country runners or swimmers. We teach the basics of the sport first; safety, rules, the basic how to's, and give them a progressive intro into the training load required to complete a sprint distance event. From there, its up to them as to how far they want to take it. There are a few requirements: they must have a basic knowledge of freestyle (front-crawl) swim stroke, must have a road bike and helmet, and must be at least 14 years of age. Youth triathlon coaching starts at $125/month and includes; weekly training plan, weekly track workout, weekly open water swim and long ride, long term development plan, and additional training opportunities.

Coaching for Adults

Runners, we offer training for everything from track to trail, road to ultra-marathon. Although fast is our thing, we love the gambit of disciplines and surfaces available to us. Coach Frank specializes in 50k and down, but enjoys the challenge of different distances and events. Run coaching goes through TeamRunRun, a Seattle based company that connects runners and coaches. Click here to go to Frank's profile page on the TeamRunRun website. It has a description of all the running packages offered starting at $100/month.


For local runners (Federal Way, Fife, Tacoma, Auburn...south King Co), we have weekly training runs. They are seasonal, but typically we offer a weekly track workout and a weekly long run (this may be a mountain run). You'll also have access to our workshops, strength training and core work classes, and individual training. We also specialize in bringing athletes back from injury and can fill in the gaps from physical therapy back to full strength (hopefully improved strength!). Coach Frank also offers gait analysis, and is fantastic at helping athletes improve mechanical efficiency and overall athleticism. 

Triathletes, we have 2 packages on offer that cover it all from sprint distance to Ironman. Training design is based on what time you have available, desired fitness level, and long term goals in the sport. Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned vet, the fun thing about triathlon is there is almost always something to get better at. Coach Frank offers one on one sessions for swimming, cycling and running for those looking at improving the technical aspects of what they do. During the summer months we have team style open water swims, long rides and weekly track sessions. 

Our base package starts at $175/month. That includes weekly training plan via Final Surge or Google docs, weekly touch base email or phone call to go over weekly training, unlimited email/texts contact for questions, goal setting, season design, yearly planning, seasonal team workouts. Our premium package is $250/month and includes all of the above, plus access to all of our strength training and Pilates classes (which are great for active recovery!), and a monthly one on one session of your choosing (swim, bike or run). *prices do not include taxes

Coaching Services

Coach Frank has been coaching athletes on some level for over 20 years, which has shifted to a full time commitment over the past 10 plus years. Since moving to Washington Coach Frank has produced dozens of collegiate athletes in track, cross-country, soccer, football, rowing, etc...We've had athletes represent Team USA, win and/or podium at multiple state championships, and several go on to accept athletic scholarships and have healthy collegiate careers. From teaching adults how to be comfortable and competent during an open water swim, to completing their first triathlon or marathon, Coach Frank has guided dozens of people to PR's and big accomplishments with well designed, efficient and effective training programs. It doesn't matter what your talent level is, if you have the passion and drive to do well, Coach Frank will find a way to get you to your goals.

How our coaching services work:

First you contact us and tell us what type of coaching you are looking for. From there we will contact you and begin collecting information such as; work/school/family time commitments, athletic history, injury/health history (pertinent to sports), goals, current fitness level and any other necessary info. Once we answer those questions and get an idea of what you need, we will offer up a plan and ideas on what to do next, and what coaching package will work best. Once you're established as an athlete we deliver training plans via Google docs, or preferably Final Surge (there is no extra cost for FS). Coaching packages are described below.